Charleston Surf Lessons

A group celebrates after a successful surf lesson. A group celebrates after a successful surf lesson. Image courtesy of Charleston Surf Lessons

Charleston Surf Lessons Overview

Beautiful beaches and manageable waves make Charleston an excellent place to learn to surf. Charleston Surf Lessons' experienced instructors give guests the knowledge and practical tips needed to ride waves the first time out. 


Surf Lesson Location and Availability

Charleston Surf Lessons is located at the tent on the beach just outside of the Tides Hotel (1 Center Street) on Folly Beach. The instructors offer lessons from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. seven days a week. While guests can walk up to the tent to inquire about lessons, advanced booking is recommended.


Private Surf Lessons

• Private Lesson - $50 / per person (1 on 1 Instruction)

• Semi-Private Lesson - $40 / per person (Up to 3 people)

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Group Surf Lessons

• Group Lessons - $35 / per person (4 people or more)

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All lessons include 10-15 minutes of beach orientation and instruction. During this time, guests will learn about ocean awareness and safety, surfing etiquette, equipment, paddling, and a 3-Step "Pop Up" technique. Following beach orientation, guests will enjoy one hour of water time riding the waves. While out on the water, folks will learn how to apply surfing techniques, sit on the surfboard correctly, look for and find that perfect wave, and ride while keeping themselves and others safe on the waves.


Guests can feel confident as all of Charleston Surf Lessons' instructors are experienced surf instructors who are certified in CPR, First Aid. and Open Water Safety.


Things You'll want to Bring

Swimsuit and sunscreen. Also recommended are a bottle of water, towel, sandals, and a change of clothes in case you want to pop into BLU restaurant or one of the other fine establishments on Folly Beach.


source: Charleston Surf Lessons

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