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"It is hard to get a bad meal in Charleston." I can't keep track of number of times I've said that to a visitor. There are certainly better restaurants than others, but overall, the folks in the Lowcountry are blessed with good cuisine. So, take heart, visitors of the Lowcountry. You are in good hands.


People ask me frequently what my favorite restaurant in town is. It is a question I am happy to answer in person (and then give the obligatory recommendation). However, typically I preface my response with questions, knowing that my favorite might not be their favorite. I ask them what genre of food they like, what entree they are in the mood for, whether they prefer a pedigreed chef or a fabulous view, and if they'd like something casual or a little more upscale. Once I have that information to work with, it is much easier to make a recommendation. There's just too much culinary talent in Charleston to be blurting out restaurant names on a whim. It helps to know what people are looking for. In that spirit, Traveling Ink has separated it's restaurant referrals by genre (be  gracious with us, some restaurants overlap multiple genres) and written an overview of the atmosphere on each restaurant page.


Also, please note that a restaurant's absence on the site doesn't mean we don't admire their skills in the kitchen. It simply may mean we haven't had the opportunity to eat there yet (or recently enough) to feature them on the site. The restaurants that are here have been sampled and vouched for by a member of our team and just happen to be some of our favorites.



Jestine's Kitchen

82 Queen

Poogan's Porch


Brown Dog Deli

How Art Thou Cafe

Black Bean


The Wreck of Richard and Charlene

Hank's Seafood


Sticky Fingers Smokehouse


Bocci's Italian Restaurant


Brown Dog Deli

Black Bean


Black Bean Co - Best Of Charleston

Hank's Behind the Scenes

Bocci's Charleston, SC

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