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Firefly Distillery

Firefly Distillery
Image courtesy of Firefly Distillery

Come Sip Some Sweet Tea Vodka

Travel 30 miles south of Charleston, and you'll reach quiter surroundings and a slower pace of life in Wadmalaw, SC. When you get there, you may want something to drink, and that is where Firefly Distillery comes in. Firefly produces a line of vodka products, including local favorite Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, which burst onto the scene in April, 2008, as well as flavored moonshine, dessert spirits, and bourbon. Visit the distillery for a taste of sweet tea or a variety of other Firefly spirit flavors.



Location and Grounds

The Firefly Disyillery is located at 6775 Bears Bluff Rd, Wadmalaw Island, SC 29487. Guests visiting the property will enjoy a taste of the South Carolina country as they follow a dirt road underneath beautiful oak trees toward the distillery. They'll pass rows of grapes used in Deep Water Vineyard products as they arrive on grounds with the feel of a plantation. A simple tire swing sits outside the distillery for kids (and the occasional adult) to enjoy during festivals or a Saturday afternoon visit, and a variety of animals and livestock call this place home. Guests can also enjoy a game of what we consider to be one of the state pastimes of South Carolina, cornhole.


A selection of Firefly flavors awaits at the Firefly Distillery tasting room

A selection of Firefly flavors awaits at the distillery's tasting room in Wadmalaw, SC.


Firefly Distillery Tasting Room

When you arrive at Firefly Distillery, located on the grounds of Irvin-House Vineyards, stroll into the tasting room and find your favorite flavor. Patrons will have the opportunity to chose 6 flavors to sample as a Firefly bartender gives information on the products. Those concerned about over consuption can be put at ease, as the sampling only provides guests with a total of 1.5 ounces of alcohol, just enough to decide which products are favorable to their specific taste buds. Once guests finish their sampling, they are able to purchase their favorite if they like. The total cost for this tasting room sampling is only $6 per patron, and guests are also able to keep their Firefly shot glass as a memento. The tasting room is open Tuesday-Saturday 11:00am-5:00pm. When Firefly asks who referred you to the tasting room, please take a moment to write in Traveling Ink on your tasting form. 

A Selection of the Products Offered in the Firefly Distillery Tasting Room:


Firefly Handcrafted Vodka

Firefly Southern Lemonade

Firefly Sweet Tea

Firefly Mint Tea

Firefly Raspberry Tea



Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon



Sea Island Gold

Sea Island Java



Firefly White Lightning

Firefly Blackberry

Firefly Apple Pie

Firefly Caramel

Firefly Cherry



Southern Accents Coconut Cake

Southern Accents Banana Pudding

Southern Accents Peach Cobbler

Southern Accents Chocolate Pecan Pie

While You're in the Area

Deep Water Vineyard is right next door, so stop in and say hello. After you visit the largest micro-distillery in South Carolina and sip some wine at Deep Water, head down the road to visit the Charleston Tea Plantation, where Firefly gets the tea for its popular Sweet Tea Vodka. If you wrap things up there, make a turn down Main Road to see what some believe to be the oldest living thing east of the Mississippi, the Angel Oak.


*Check out our previous blog about the Irvin-House Vineyard (now Deep Water Vineyard) and Firefly Distillery Cork Shuckin' Festival here.


Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

*Firefly Distillery only serves alcoholic beverages to patrons who are 21 years of age or older. Guests wishing to enjoy the tasting room, should be prepared to present valid ID.




source: Firefly Distillery