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Charleston Trivia or Scavenger Hunt Team Building

Follow the clues to help you answer your team's trivia questions.
Follow the clues to help you answer your team's trivia questions. © Audra L. Gibson

Is Your Team Ready to Tackle a Charleston Trivia Challenge?

Bring your group together to tackle a Charleston trivia challenge or kick things up a notch and opt for the full blown scavenger hunt. Follow clues around downtown Charleston to answer questions and rack up points for your team before your time is up! These options require teamwork, a keen eye for observation, and some sound research skills. 


Option One - Charleston Trivia Hunt

Your group will be broken into teams of 3-6 people. Your group facilitator will give you a special key word to start your interactive texting trivia hunt downtown. Your team will progress through the hunt as you look for clues and answer questions about Charleston history. The picturesque historic district will act as your back-drop as you explore downtown and work as a team to complete the hunt in the allotted time frame. Teams can use their GPS, favorite search engine, phone compass, or the simple gift of observation as they go from one location to the next in their trivia challenge.


Great for groups from 6-100 people. Physical exertion level: low. Total time: varies depending on hunt selected. Times below are estimates and vary according to group. Great for team building and family reunions.

One Hour Hunt Starting at $12 / person

Two Hour Hunt Starting at $15 / person

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Explore historic Charleston as your group tackles the team building scavenger hunt. © 2017 Audra L. Gibson. All Rights Reserved.
Explore historic Charleston as your group tackles the team building scavenger hunt.

Option Two - Charleston Team Scavenger Hunt Challenge

This event takes the best aspects of our Charleston Trivia Hunt and adds in custom challenges for your group. Your group will be split into teams of 3-6 people. As the teams progress through the trivia hunt, they will be tasked with completing different scavenger hunt style challenges. Teams are rewarded with points after they finish challenges, but must choose wisely as tasks are worth different point values and not all the challenges can be completed before their allotted time runs out. The challenge facilitator will verify and tabulate points as the teams return and crown a Team Scavenger Hunt Champion! This event is great for building morale and cohesiveness, strengthening decision making skills, and working together at different tasks to achieve an end goal for the team.

Great for groups of 6-100 people. Physical exertion level: low to moderate. Total time: 2.5 hours

Starting at $28 / person

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Client Testimonials

  • A Charleston resident suggested a Traveling Ink concierge might be able to help me. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was one of the best pieces of advice I could have received. My friends thought I was an organizational wizard even though I kept telling them it was Traveling Ink, not me.

    ~ Nicky H.
  • We so enjoyed our time in Charleston. Thank you for all your insight! I am recommending your services to everyone I know who is traveling to Charleston!

    ~Kathryn C.
  • Traveling Ink planned the three full days we would have in Charleston, how we would get from one place to another, places to eat, and what the costs would be. To add to the challenge, we had to change the day of one of the main attractions because rain had been predicted. They handled all the changes with out missing a step.

    ~ Harriett H.
  • These Charleston pros do a phenomenal job in any setting. Audra was our point person and is a pleasure to work with. She is laid back and can work with any request.

    ~ Nicole P.

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