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Spoleto Festival USA

Spoleto Festival USA
Photo by: William Struh

Dates: May 25th - June 10th, 2018

Location: Charleston, SC

Contact: (843) 579-3100 (Spoleto Box Office)

Ticketing: Tickets for the 2018 season are now available for purchase.

Click here for more information on specific events and ticketing.


Spoleto Performance of Farnace
Spoleto Performance of Farnace. Photo by: Leigh Webber


Spoleto Festival is a Treat for the Senses

Spoleto Festival USA is a treat for the senses. Talented musicians produce pleasing melodies. Skillful dancers fly through the air. Visual artists create pieces that wow the eyes and the emotions. Actors tell stories and take patrons to a different time and place. The festival celebrates and highlights talented artists from around the world. If you are interested in the best of the best in the world of the arts, Charleston SC is prepared to deliver with Spoleto Festival USA. In addition, Charleston features its own Piccolo Spoleto Festival to showcase the southeast’s local talent during similar dates. Information about upcoming events for Piccolo Spoleto TBA on their website


Spoleto Tickets

Ticket offerings for Spoleto Festival USA 2018 have been announced and tickets are now available. Tickets can be purchased separately for each Spoleto event online at Spoleto USA's website or by calling 843-579-3100. To purchase tickets in person, you may visit the Spoleto Festival USA Box Office at the Charleston Gaillard Center (located at 95 Calhoun Street, Charleston, 29401) as of May 1st. For Piccolo Spoleto tickets, order online or by calling 866-811-4111.



Book a tour of Charleston during your time in town for Spoleto.
Enjoy the sights and sounds of Charleston while you are in town for Spoleto.


Booking Charleston Tours

Looking to see the rest of Charleston when you aren't attending Spoleto events? Charleston has plenty to see whether you have a spare couple of days or just a free hour or two.


If you're looking for a dose of Charleston history and architecture, check out a Charleston carriage tour. If you're looking for a private carriage tour, be sure to call ahead at 843-633-1338. Guests who have a day to explore the natural beauty of Charleston will want to check out Magnolia Plantation, while those who appreciate a day on the water would enjoy a sailing trip on the Schooner Pride. For a full list of attractions and information, check out the Charleston Attractions portion of this website. Groups who need help planning a full itinerary can call Traveling Ink for assistance.


source: Spoleto Festival USA

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