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Audra Gibson

Audra Gibson

Audra Gibson is a Christian, photographer, surfer, and a lover of teriyaki steak bites. She enjoys live music, doesn't like to be cold, and she's a bit of a cheese snob. Traveling Ink was her little brain child and she's very happy that you're here. She'd be oh so happy to recommend her favorite tours and attractions in town, help you with a team building event, or organize a day (or week) of fun for you and your group.

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Things To Do During Coronavirus

Many of us are staying home to try to help flatten the curve and help saves lives. Just because we're home, doesn't mean there aren't a variety of things to do to help us pass the time in positive ways. Below are some suggestions for things to do while we are quarantined or trying to limit our exposure to others along with a number of links to helpful or creative resources.



1. Board Games for When You're Bored
Quarantine or not, playing board games with family or friends is a great way to challenge your brain and spend time with the folks you care about. If you don't have enough people in your house to play some of your favorites look for online versions of your favorites in the app store or Google Play. Remember that Words with Friends Craze from years ago? Seems like a good time to login back into those accounts. 

2. Start a Dedicated Movie Night
Movies seem like an obvious go to for entertainment during these times, but don't limit yourself to watching whatever you can find on your favorite streaming service. Use the opportuntiy to watch a trilogy, the Oscar winners you never got around to watching or one of those movies that requires a real time commitment like Gone with the Wind or the British version of Pride and Prejudice. Gather your family together and don't skimp on movie snacks like popcorn or candy. If you want to share in the movie night experience with friends, you can use Netflix Party. For detailed instructions on how to make it a movie party, click here.

3. Read a Book
It's a good time to give your eyes a screen break and crack open a traditional book. Sure, you can download new options to your favorite reader when you run out of hard or soft back options, but plenty of us have books in the house we haven't curled up with in a while. Visit a far away land, learn something new, or fall in love with falling in love in the pages of a book.  

Betty White Reads To Us
4. Have Someone Read a Book to You
This might seem like one "for the kids", but let's be honest, how many of us relax and get into our happy place when we're listening to someone with a soothing voice read to us (cue thoughts of having Morgan Freeman read...basically anything). And let's be honest, who wouldn't enjoy Betty White reading us a bedtime story, even if it's meant for the kids.

5. Find a New Blog
Find your favorite photographer or videographer's blog and read about their favorite shoots, locations, or techniques. For that matter, find a favorite blogger for whatever your interests are... business, a new hobby, your favorite singer's last tour, or how to bake from scratch at home. 

6. Play Backyard Games
Staying active and getting our dose of Vitamin D are important while we're staying at home. While taking a run through your neighborhood would accomplish the task, exercise doesn't have to be our only option for getting outside or engaging our body. If you have access to a lawn or pation, try some traditional backyard games to fit the bill. This could be anything from Giant Jenga, Connect Four, or Checkers to Bocce Ball or the limbo. If you've been looking for the time to make a Giant Jenga set, this might be your chance and there are plenty of online tutorials.

Get Creative

1. Dust off that Instrument or Learn to Play Something New. 
Do you have a keyboard or guitar stashed in a closet? Is there a harmonica hidden in a drawer somewhere? Or have you always wanted to learn to play the djembe? It might be the perfect time to pull out an old instrument or take an online class or watch a youtube tutorial for something new. Playing an instrument has the nice benefit that it is something that can be done on your own or shared with other people (either in your household or online). So what are you waiting for? Find some music online and start playing some tunes! 

Learning Opportunities

Learn Something New

While many folks are focused on facilitating and enhancing the education of children that are currently out of school, kids aren't the only ones who can take advantage of an opportunity to learn a new skill, hobby, or subject matter at this time. There are a number of online resources available to guide people through learning everything from a new language to how to plant a vegetable garden.

Is there something you've been putting off that you've wanted to learn? Is there a new skill that could enhance your skill set for a current or future job? Perhaps there's an opportunity to tackle those subjects.

Learn to Code

Interested in learning to code? SC Codes offers a number of front end and back end basic courses free of charge. Perhaps once you get started, you'll decide you want to complete a full coding school program.


Grow Something Beautiful

Do you have a green thumb? If the answer is no, perhaps you just need some tricks of the trade. Check out the Master Gardener Short Course Series from Orgegon State University. There are a variety of course to select from including a free Vegetable Gardening course (may only be availble free of charge for a limited time).


Don't Worry. Be Happy.

In an attempt to spread a little happiness during a trying time, Yale has made it's most populare course, The Science of Well Being (the "happiness" class), available free of charge on coursera.


A Variety of Free Online Offerings

To access a variety of free online class offerings in health, business, marketing, language, technology, science and other subjects, check out

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  • These Charleston pros do a phenomenal job in any setting. Audra was our point person and is a pleasure to work with. She is laid back and can work with any request.

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