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It's Good to be Back, Charleston SC

I’m new to South Carolina, but South Carolina’s not new to me. Growing up a Louisiana girl, my family vacationed here almost every summer for six years. My parents surprised me with my first car on Edisto Island a few months before my sixteenth birthday. I saw a waterfall for the first time on Lake Keowee, which is also where I made my first, and last, attempt at water skiing. I took my first official college visit at Furman University. I fell in love with King Street shopping early on, and it still makes my heart race at twenty-two. I surfed in Charleston, played golf in Hilton Head, and sank in the pluff mud in Beaufort.



Charleston Ice Capades


There was quite a build up to the last 36 hours of wintry wonder here in the Lowcountry. Gas tanks were filled. Folks checked their stock of batteries and bought firewood, bottled water, bread, and milk (though I've never understood why one buys milk when they expect the power is going to go out). Jim Cantore of the Weather Channel arrived. Social media went nuts. People created hashtags like #Snowmageddon, #SnowMyGosh, and #SnO-M-G, when really ones like #IceIceBaby would have been more appropriate. Charleston closed schools before the first drop of precipitation arrived and sent her workers home early. And then we waited. It was probably a good idea.


A Different Set of Shoes

I always imagined snowshoeing to be a difficult thing. I pictured wicker baskets tied to my feet and frequent face planting. This being my first winter in Colorado, I have a lot to learn. I’m working at a gear store that functions as a bike shop during the warmer months and transforms into a ski shop in the winter. I understand bikes, but the looming transformation to the ski world was intimidating. People stop in the store frequently just wanting trail info-we should put a tip jar out for all the tips we give to travelers. I could talk the talk when it came to hiking or mountain biking advice, but I've had to listen in on my coworker's conversations to learn the way of the winter wanderer. I've learned that Denny Creek to Brown’s Pass is the go-to recommendation for snowshoeing around here. I think I once advised some cross country skiers to give it a try. Oops.


Volunteering at the SC Aquarium

There’s nothing like seeing a kid who, two seconds before, was recoiling in disgust work up the gumption to reach out a tentative hand and touch the snake reclining on your arm. Usually their reaction is either one of relief (whew—I made it out safely, now I can check that off my list of dangers to face), or one of surprise (wow—it isn’t slimy!).


People, Process, and Frogs

New Years is often a good time to reflect on what the past year has taught us. Why not jump on the bandwagon? Here are some of the things Traveling Ink learned in 2013. 1. Baby turkey vultures nest on the ground. There's no need to "rescue" them when you find them there. 2. It is ill-advised to break-in Chacos while climbing your first fourteener. 3. The Cetus LV is the Cadillac of kayaks. Don't test drive it first unless you have a few thousand to spend on your self-propelled cruiser. You will just be disappointed. 4. Poogan's Porch makes a mean fried chicken. 5. Shooting skeet and lighting retired Christmas trees on fire is an entertaining way to spend a birthday (or any day) in the south. 6. Camp Happy Days is an amazing place. 7. And, if you are ever lucky enough to happen on a giant pod of dolphins, by all means, jump in the stinkin' water.


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Client Testimonials

  • A Charleston resident suggested a Traveling Ink concierge might be able to help me. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this was one of the best pieces of advice I could have received. My friends thought I was an organizational wizard even though I kept telling them it was Traveling Ink, not me.

    ~ Nicky H.
  • We so enjoyed our time in Charleston. Thank you for all your insight! I am recommending your services to everyone I know who is traveling to Charleston!

    ~Kathryn C.
  • Traveling Ink planned the three full days we would have in Charleston, how we would get from one place to another, places to eat, and what the costs would be. To add to the challenge, we had to change the day of one of the main attractions because rain had been predicted. They handled all the changes with out missing a step.

    ~ Harriett H.
  • These Charleston pros do a phenomenal job in any setting. Audra was our point person and is a pleasure to work with. She is laid back and can work with any request.

    ~ Nicole P.